Community Guidelines

The Monkey app caters to the needs of kids and is available for both iOS and Android devices. Monkey Cool lets you video chat with a stranger anonymously on your computer or mobile device. With the app, you can either pick your country or let it pick someone from a random country. It is relatively easy to download the Monkey App.


While accessing Monkey App, users are required to follow a strict set of community guidelines. The following section briefly describes the community guidelines that Monkey Cool App follows.

A Guide To Community Guidelines

A policy of zero-tolerance is in place at Monkey App regarding offensive content and abusive behavior. Monkey Cool app is strictly prohibited from bullying, harassing, discriminating, and posting unsuitable content. The company takes this policy very seriously and has specific procedures in place for monitoring reported users and content. To help keep Monkey safe, we encourage our users to report and block those who violate our policy. All reported content will be immediately removed until it is reviewed.

The conversations with blocked users and any engagement with their profiles will be deleted. By clicking the Block/Report button, you can report someone who breaks the rules anywhere on the Monkey Cool platform. For more information about the community guidelines, you can visit the official website at


Monkey is dedicated to creating a safe and secure online community where people can meet new people and make new friends. In order to ensure that each user has a positive experience on MonkeyCool, they created several community guidelines. If you violate those guidelines, your account will be permanently banned.

Through the Services, you can purchase and use various friend-making services offered by Monkey App. You must purchase app gems or Monkey Plus in order to use them. Before completing a purchase, the price for app gems or Monkey Plus will always be displayed.